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Girl Drinking Water



For the past 6 years, We are leading the water purifier manufacturing market, Priya’s Aquafresh water makes purifier, cabinet, membrane, pump, inline, housing. We believe in quality and trust so we use only virgin materials in all products, we have & use different types of products like Priya’s Aqua Fresh J+ Series, Alkaline Water Purifier, Priya’s Aqua Fresh Glory Alkaline Water Purifier, Priya’s Aqua Fresh Guard Plus, Priya’s Aqua Fresh Dolphin.

We always stand-on to our rules and regulations and we do follow our standard procedures at our production house to give only the best to our customers and enrich their health by giving a small part, by purifying their daily drinking water.

More than 500 companies in India sell drinking water functioning systems for treating various sources of contaminants. Although 100 of companies make devices that can remove chlorine from water, yet 37 of those companies offer drinking water treatment systems that are certified by NFS to reduce both leads. only 21 have listed for the reduction of tri-halo methane ( that causes cancer) and have devices certified by NSF that reduce both lead and tri-halo-methane. Priya’s Aqua Fresh is one of those 21 companies.

Our system provides the safest, cleanest, odorless, and tastiest water that you can provide to your family. Here’s wishing you and your family, long years of good health and prosperity.

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